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Documentation of Gregory & Watts artworks and other projects by Tim Gregory are available here.

Public Sculpture, Martin Place, Sydney. Das Superpaper, Issue 24, Aug, 2012
Gregory and Watts walk around the CBD and chat about 5 public sculptures. What is the role of public art? Does public art from 100 years ago still speak to us? Gregory and Watts discuss Realism vs. Idealism, civic duty, nationalism, hypercapitalism and Kochie and Mel. Produced in conjunction with an article for Das Superpaper. 

Gregory and Watts in front of Passage, Anne Graham
Kafka's Painter, Helen Gory Galerie, 2012
Gregory and Watts discuss the role of the painter Titorelli in Kafka's novel, The Trial. Titorelli, a 1920's painter has much to say that is relevant to the contemporary role of portraiture, imaging the law and the social embedding of art. 

Gregory and Watts as Justice

 Architectural Ideologies, commissioned by Architecture Australia
Gregory & Watts walk through Sydney and discuss three structures- the Town Hall, Milsons Point/Luna Park Wharf and 1 Bligh. Who or what authorises a building? How does the architect respond to culture and society? Gregory & Watts examine the ideologies which shape the form and function of these buildings. 
Gregory & Watts looking architectural
Gary Carsley, Gardenesque, CACSA Adelaide/ Torch Gallery Amsterdam 2011/12
Gregory and Watts' audio guide to Gary Carsley's exhibition at CACSA and Torch Gallery.
Bonus track- Venere Di Canova, 1892, North Terrace, Adelaide Listen Now

Venere Di Canova

"We Are Here" Special
Gregory and Watts take you on a art historic/psychogeographic tour of some of the pubs around Sydney close to the venues for the "We Are Here" conference.

    Gregory & Watts at a pub in front of a painting
    Starbucks Coffee, Hyde Park, Sydney, 2011 
    Gregory and Watts discuss the architecture, coffee and politics of Starbucks Coffee in Hyde Park, Sydney.

    Starbucks Coffee          Listen now      (map)
    Or download the audio in handy tracks here (zipped file- 15.4MB, .mp3 format.) 

    Gregory & Watts at Starbucks, Sydney